Are You Talking to Me?

Are You Talking to Me? Discussions on Knowledge Production, Gender Politics and Feminist Strategies. 2008

H.arta, Katharina Morawek. Eds.

Löcker Editorial

“Gender mainstreaming – as the institutionalisation of ‘equality-oriented’ gender policies – has never been as present as it is today. Especially in the context of integration processes of post-socialist countries into the EU, gender mainstreaming is becoming a decisive factor in legislation. At the same time, gender mainstreaming policies are repeatedly criticised for producing new inequalities. In this sense, the publication once again explores the relationship between ‘gender’ and ‘knowledge’. Against the backdrop of political and social transformation processes and in relation to European legislation, global landscapes of capitalism and post-communist realities, it focuses on current territorial shifts in the fields of historiography, culture and politics and gathers texts on related feminist strategies.

Through a series of interviews with participants, the book also attempts to think together critical feminist positions and practices that challenge the normality of so-called de-politicisation.”

During my visit to the Colombian Massif for the making of a documentary, I met professor Maria Dolores Grueso, a colombian master and poet. My contribution for this book “The Drum of the Abolition” is an article that talks about the African excellence manifested in the educational reforms made by the people of Galindez, Cauca as a way to challenge globalisation.

Thanks so much to the Maestra “Lola” for opening the doors of her home to me and for sharing so eloquently the stories of her ancestors during enslavement time.