Intersections, at the Crossroads of the Production of Knowledge, Precarity, Subjugation and the Reconstruction of History, Display and De-linking. 2009

Lina Dokuzovic, Eduard Freudmann, Peter Haselmayer, Lisbeth Kovacic.Eds.

Löcker Editorial

“The claim that all intelligence is equal, in terms of potential for development, is the main tenet of » universal teaching, « which arose through the work of Joseph Jacotot and was revived by Jacques Rancière, in which an unlearned individual gains knowledge through the process of having another unlearned individual, the» ignorant schoolmaster, « verify their knowledge. He states that what one can read, and prove having read, another can do as well, and that the awareness of this can bring about intellectual emancipation. This process challenges the hierarchical system of knowledge production and intelligence that has existed throughout history, where the learned master defines which knowledge is appropriate to pass down to which chosen individuals at which given moment, whilst maintaining a stronghold of power through knowledge itself, continually feeding and recreating the production of hierarchies.

We, the students, staff and individuals associated with the class/department of Post-Conceptual Art Practices (PCAP) at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, each with different positions and histories, took this book as an opportunity for creating a non-hierarchical platform for the exchange of the various artistic, theoretical and activist positions with those who have contributed to developing a history together. Throughout this process, it has been necessary to increasingly expand our context and our understanding of it, by including a wide variety of various processes, individuals and locations, because the conditions of historical, social, educational and political structures are not the result of one institution or one individual.

The book is a collection of texts in English and German, consisting of 37 contributors –theoreticians, artists, activists – that synthesize these once distinctive positions on interventions in the fields of art, theory, education and politics into one single body of work.”

My contribution to this book “Shooting”, is a sotry of my teens in the midst of the normalised war between guerrillas, drug traffickers and the government in Colombia, where the civilian population is very often the target.