Esta Es La Rumba

Contemporary Aliens and Monsters, Framing Art and Culture Critically: Who are the Contemporary Aliens and Monsters?

Journal. PCAP / Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. 2007

This journal is a special edition for the research trip we did to Zagreb, Croatia while studying at the Fine Arts Academy in Vienna.  The contributions of different artists and students are mainly focused on issues of migration, borders and how the outsider is defined and perceived from different social perspectives.  The picture is not corresponding to the magazine which was eaten up by time and Google but it is a nice shot of our trip.

My article “Esta es la Rumba de Barcelona” is a short story about my migration process between Schengen countries with a colombian passport, where the abuse of power by spanish border police officers is revealed. At the time I had a permanent residence in Austria, which I did not show at the exact moment of my arrest at the airport. When I showed it, the way the police treated me changed immediately.