Provocation. Magazine for Visual and Theoretical Reflections

Intelectual Racism. Issue 1. 2018

Enesi M., DuVonJetzt M. Hasaltay, Robert Jolly, Grace Marta Latigo, Onur Serdar and Cecilia Tasso. Eds.

“Provocation magazine is a platform that aims to vocalize problems in areas such as politics, culture and society, and to reflect on literal and theoretical discourses in a visual and theoretical manner. Through this platform we want to give ourselves and other artists along with theoreticians, who are interested in the subculture, the chance to further and share our skills, points of view and experiences. This platform wants to make room for discussion, bringing people together, sharing knowledge and to connect individuals from the art section and the theory field. Provocation magazine is a desire to challenge the re-evaluation of firm beliefs, theories and philosophies, to shake up old fundaments. The main topic of provocation is the „apparatuses of power” and in each issue we want to contextualize a different part of said topic, to figure out and show new perspectives regarding power structures and mechanisms.”

In her Contribution „Rosism. From the Lullaby on the Velvet Sheet of Intellect and Other Racism Stories”, Caro Quirán makes a decolonial self-analysis through a description of the personal and collective implications of being born and growing up in one of the most colonial cities in Colombia, South America. Through this analysis; structures of personal relationships and how colonialism directs thought, action and perception of the being are revised. A kind of decolonial catharsis as a self-pedagogical basis for dismantling racism and coloniality rooted primarily in the selves.

Contributors: Chelsea Amada, Maira Enesi Caixeta, Petja Dimitrova, Mirabella Dziruni, Marina Gržinić, Theresa Hattinger, Du von Jetzt M. Hasaltay, Peter Haselmayer, Iman, Njideka Iroh, Robert Jolly, Ivan Jurica, Betül Seyma Küpeli, Grace Marta Latigo, Elisabeth Mtasa, Günay Özaylı / Morion Porten, Caro Quirán, Onur Serdar, Nour Shantout, Julius Timgum, Nazım Ü. Yılmaz.