Re Making Hügel

Re-Making Hügel. Attempts at Decolonial Practices in Education, Art and Collective Memory.

2016 – 2020

Peter Haselmayer. Ed.

“The study entitled Re-Making Hügel – Versuche dekolonialer Praxen in Kunst, Bildung und kollektivem Bewusstsein examines colonial continuities in relation to monuments and the culture of remembrance using the example of the Hügel monument. It sees itself as critical remembrance work with a claim to decolonial historical-political reappraisal of collective memory. The study deals with the monument Karl Alexander Freiherr von Hügel in Vienna Hietzing, which stands in the park named after him, the Hügelpark. The contextualization of Hügel follows a post-colonial reading and sheds light on the historical contexts on a colonial-imperial, post-colonial, patriarchal and classicist level and sheds light on the person’s influence in his various fields, such as his authorship in the form of writings and as a “research traveller”, his ethnographic, botanical and zoological collecting activities, his continuing presence at the Weltmuseum Wien, as well as his hortological activities, his intertwining with the political history of the Austrian monarchy and the significance of his subjectivity and subjectivation effects. Furthermore there are three projects to be found that will be presented and reflected as artistic and educational realized with artists and pupils from secondary school.”

About Caro Quirán collaboration in this work: “Re-Making Hügel was a project with pupils of BG 13 Vienna in collaboration with the artist Caro Quiran and Peter Haselmayer, with the support of Imayna Caceres. In the project, the students entered into a creative artistic explorations and a dialogue about imperial and power relations and (re-)visioned colonial imaginaries. Re-Making Hügel was funded in 2018 within the framework of the “Culture Connected” initiative of the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research and was selected by a jury and realised and supported in cooperation with KulturKontaktAustria. The project was also included in the Austria-wide KuBi Days, 2018 by the Federal Centre for Cultural Work in Schools. These days of cultural education took place from 23 – 25 May 2018. In addition Re-Making Hügel was part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 – EYCH84.”