The Friggers

Marine Cultural Heritage, Denmark. Photo & video project  I  Publication

Throughout 2018, my friends Anna and Edda recruited a group of volunteers to restore Frigg to its former glory. Frigg was about to be taken to a Danish maritime museum, but Anna refused to accept that this would be the end of this sailing ship’s days at sea, so she made it her home and asked for state aid to make it seaworthy again.

Over the summer, we camped, cooked, unscrewed and screwed Frigg, polished her (yes, it’s a she), varnished her piece by piece, sailed Orion, read books, dumpster dived and swam naked like new born children.

At one point there were about 20 of us learning from Niels our captain, as he told us about his life on the seven seas. And thus our pirate crew The Friggers was conceived: Annacondom, Deadda, Spiros Spiratis, Malagueña Salerosa, Deadly Dal, Lady Elsa and several more of us enchanted the nights with red moon songs.

The Friggers represents the attempt to rescue the centuries-old stories of those who have sailed Frigg, following the echo of its sailors’ voices, recorded in the creaking wood. May the tide be with us.