Undocumented History, 2016

Documentary film and exhibition


This work is built on two stories connected by the themes of migration, womanhood and human rights. The first part of the exhibition entitled “Until Death Do Us Part”, addresses the change of residence status of third-country nationals in Austria in the case of divorce. Changes that always entail strong social and emotional consequences. The second part is the documentary film Paper Monster, about the detention of my roommate at the time, at the border between Austria and the Czech Republic. A case of deportation amidst New Year’s fireworks in 2014.

The exhibition consists of an installation telling two stories with common lines. It was carried out in the framework of the artist fellowship of the platform kültüř gemma! With the support of Monika Mokre and Peter Marhold, in cooperation with the association IG Bildende Kunst in Vienna.

Thanks to Monika Mokre, Peter Marhold, all the team of kültüř gemma!, IG Bildende Kunst and   the ÖH Vienna for the assistance provided to this project.

Photos: Exhibition documentation by Luiz Lima, Poster Mugshot by Verena Melgarejo Weinandt.

Exhibited in: Undocumented History, solo exhibition in IG Bildende Kunst, October, 2016.