White Slave

Linguistic research I Publication

“Emancipate your mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind” B. Marley

The Maatian culture of the Valley Afrakans is actually the ancient Egyptian or Khamitic way of life. Afraka means spelled literally: flesh [af] and soul [ka] of the hidden Sun [ra]. Later on, the word ra was replaced for the Arabic word frik, forming the most common spelling “Africa”. Frik means divide or conquer.

Nasa Yuwe is one of the oldest indigenous languages in South America, only spoken by the little 21% of the indigenous population in whole Colombia. Only one word in Nasa Yuwe stands for earth, space, state, home, geographic territory: the word Kiwe. And so it was until Latin “took over” and divided the whole concept.

Those changes were absolutely deliberated. The connection between sky and earth through our inner divinity was a way of living before language could be written. White Slave is a research on native language decoding, with the purpose of showing how our self-knowledge and vital power it´s always been stripped of by the sovereign structures that regulate our relations not only with the spaces but also the bodies we inhabit. Once the narrative of human race and division is unveiled, enslavement is voluntary.

Photos: Slave Huts and Obelisks consutructed in 1850 during enslavement time in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean.